Last year Jake screamed and kicked when given the flu shot.  I told him on Monday evening that we were going to the doctor’s office the next day for flu shot, and since he was almost 7 and a big boy now, if it would be possible to handle the situation more professionally.  He thought it would be possible and promised to give it a try. He was calm in the car and playful during the 30-minute wait in the office.  To me that was a good sign because he used to be a mess already when we started driving to Dr. Wey’s office.  In the waiting room, we heard some other kid crying behind the closed door and Jake said he bet he could do much better than that.

Jake took the shot with almost perfect composure. Everyone was shocked since not too long ago it took 4 people to hold him down. Wow! What a difference 10 months have made. My boy is growing up to be a little man!

We went to Walgreen and Martial Arts after the doctor visit.  Jake was talking to anyone who would listen about his flu shot, the choices he was given to have it on the arm or thigh and how brave he was this time.

Total strangers showered him with lavish praises.  He also warned Master Chuck that his arm was sore and he might not be punch as hard.  Chuck smiled and said he would totally understand.