A long anticipated family vacation is almost coming to an end. There is always so much work involved to get ready for a vacation and yet more to catch up after it’s over. The vacation itself goes by way too fast. Most people say they need a vacation after a vacation. I am ready to jump back into my normal life while planning for the next getaway.

Even though my everyday life is hectic and crazy at times, I love every aspect of it and all the people who are part of my life: my family, my writing, my friends and my job as a business analyst. My job is definitely evolving. I am participating in a lot more meetings and expected to offer insights to influence business decisions instead of just reports and data. I am applying my newly found writing skills to my new job descriptions, which makes the challenge more enjoyable and rewarding.

Come to think of it, I am one lucky lady. To me mediocre is never acceptable. I want to love and be loved freely. I want to get the most out of life and instead of settling for less. I want to be happy inside out. Today I’ve come to where I am through hard work, admitting my vulnerability, lots of soul searching and a ton of tears. And I am authentically happy. Over the years I’ve asked Joe why he loves me. Recently his vocabulary has expanded to include ‘charismatic’ and ‘talented’. He said I was amazing and he was very proud of me. I know I am a work-in-progress project, but I am learning, transforming and growing everyday. All those around me can see it!

We have one more day here in Cancun. I just love it a bit more every time we come here. If I can change one thing in my life, I choose to write on the beach every day and turn it into a full-time hobby.

Yesterday we went to the flea market. Joe shared his life philosophy with the five girls before we left, “If you really like something, walk away from it. You’ll get a better deal that way.” The girls bargained hard and had a lot of fun. They got some bracelets, rings and gifts for the families and friends. My niece didn’t buy anything because she knew she could get them much cheaper in China. And she is going back in a week. One bad thing that happened on this trip was that my niece lost her iPhone 5. She was quite upset about it.

Tuesday night at the Caribbean Show, Joe and I were pulled onto the stage along with 3 other couples to have a dance competition. It was Salsa music but Peggy hasn’t taught us how to dance Salsa. Joe and I did Merengue. The Brazilian couple won. She could shake her behind better than I could. But we gained some fame in the resort for being on stage. People walked up to us to say, ‘Hey, Chicago, nice dance up there!” Some even mistook my brother and sister-in-law for us. It was fun!

Today we are going to drive the speedboat and snorkel. Tomorrow morning pack up and leave. Although vacations are expensive and short-lived, the answer is not to do away with them, but savor every minute, every day and every getaway. The pictures will preserve the fond memories for a very long time. The same attitude should be adopted towards living a good happy life.