I was in San Diego almost ten years ago for business. This time Joe, Jake and I chose this beautiful city as our spring break destination. It turned out to be an awesome getaway.

The weather in San Diego is probably the most pleasant in America. In March, morning and nighttime temperature is around mid fifties. During the day when the morning fog clears up and the sun breaks through, it can get close to seventies.

We flew out of Chicago on Saturday and had to sit on the plane for more than two hours while maintenance was being done. I took out my laptop and started writing. Jake occupied himself with the Lego toys he wisely asked me to pack up before we left home. Joe dozed off and got some needed rest. When we finally landed, it already passed midnight Chicago time. Two hours later, we settled in our hotel room and went to bed.

We spent Sunday visiting Joe’s college classmate whose whole family moved to San Diego three years ago due to her husband’s job and my high school friend I hadn’t seen in almost 30 years. I always feel expanded inside when reconnecting with friends in this fashion. Past memories make us realize just how fast time flies as well as serve as a gentle reminder of the invaluable present. Talking to people living in different parts of the world opens my eyes to new opportunities and possibilities. Right now the housing market in San Diego is recovering more rapidly than that of the mid-west. In the past year, property value has gone up 17% and more growth is expected this year. In California, property tax is only about 1% of the home purchase price, which makes real estate investment attractive.

The climax of the trip for Jake was the Legoland. I read very mixed reviews about Legoland beforehand and so I was cautiously optimistic. But Jake absolutely loved it! We saved quite a bit by purchasing the two-day hopper passes online. The theme park is comprised of three parts: Legoland, the waterpark and Sea Life. On the first day I was glad that I had brought swimsuits, changing clothes and towels for Joe and Jake although we didn’t plan to go to the waterpark. Some of the rides in Legoland could get you soaking wet. Jake spent the afternoon strolling around the Star Wars Miniland and playing in the Hero Factory, Xbox and Lego car racing activity rooms. He had a ball building cars with some help from his scientist dad and winning races.

The next day we went through the Sea Life exhibits in less than an hour and then Jake got back to Xbox and car racing with the same level of enthusiasm. I brought a book with me and enjoyed reading outdoor under the warm sun. In the afternoon, we hit the waterpark. Joe and I were exhausted but Jake had a splash floating on the lazy river, going down the watersides and shooting water cannons. He asked to return to the Xbox and Hero Factory rooms one last time when Joe and I were ready to leave. And so we did.

As we were heading to our car, Jake asked, “Can we come here again next year? I had the best time ever!” We told him we’d definitely keep his wish in mind.

Our friends recommended that we should try In-N-Out because the chain restaurant serves the best hamburgers. Neither of us is crazy about burgers but we decided to give it a try. The hamburgers turned out juicy, tasty and the three of us had a satisfying dinner for less than $20.

I can totally see myself living in San Diego: nice weather, gorgeous landscape and tons of fun activities. I suggested to Joe that we should retire to San Diego some day. He agreed. Looks like we’ll be back in the future if not next year.