Linda Xu Explores Familial and Religious Relations in New Memoir

Linda Xu was raised by her grandma in her aunt’s home in Shanghai. With nine people sardined in a single small room, tension flew high. She constantly found herself the focus of contention between her grandma and her aunt’s husband and the target of her mother’s uncontrollable rage.

Yearning to build a home of her own, she fell in love with a young man at the age of sixteen, married him right out of college and came to the U.S. with him. His love healed her wounds and her Christian faith brought meaning and purpose to her life. But the tremendous losses in his life forced him to revaluate life, death and religion. He eventually made the unthinkable decision, which left her at the crossroads of life.

The book entitled “Let Go” captures Linda’s agony of having to choose between the two most important things in her life as well as her struggle to let go of a painful childhood. It is also a love story between a girl and a young man whose love has grown and transcended all adversities.


About Linda Xu
Linda Xu writes regularly for her blog She also works full time as a business analyst. Linda lives in Naperville, IL with her husband Joe, three beautiful children and dog Joey.

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